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    Meg Mauger: Postpartum Doula

    Doula support for expecting and new parents serving Philadelphia.

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    I will take care of your family through the transitions of parenthood.

    • Supporting your family from surviving to thriving
    • Creating community around parenthood
    • Celebrating LGBTQ families
    • Providing sliding scale services
    • Located in Mt. Airy

    You are doing the most important work in the world. How can I best support you?



  • Parenting Support

    Now offering Doula Support for your Parenting Journey! Are you looking for the more condensed emotional support and educational aspects of doula support? Are you needing help finding what works for you and your family getting lost in the sea of advice? I'm here to offer 1 hour virtual calls for expecting and new parents. Let me offer a guiding hand through the challenges and decisions that come up within the first year of parenting!


    My support is:

    🌸 Strategic 🌸 Nonjudgmental 🌸 Personalized


    Each session will include:

    🌸Personalized education

    🌸 Tools specific to your needs

    🌸Risks vs. benefits decision making

    🌸 Resources and referrals as needed

    🌸 Collaborative plan moving forward


    We could center our conversations around topics like starting solids, creating healthy sleep habits, setting up play spaces, and setting boundaries to enable self care


    50 minute sessions for $75 each

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    Sign up for your free parent support consultation here!

  • Postpartum Doula Services

    It is my mission to ease transitions, witness the beautiful moments, validate challenges, and nurture your family.


    The postpartum window is sacred and tender while also chock-full of challenges. How can we hold all of this? Can we build community around parenting? Can we ask for help? I am here to help amid the sleepless nights, the times where you can barely bring food to your mouth, and those moments when you think you have no clue (but you do!!).


    Here's what our time can look like:

    • Emotional support
    • Sleep support (caring for baby while parents sleep both overnight and for naps, education around healthy sleep habits)
    • Process birth story
    • Bodyfeeding support
    • Connection to local resources / referrals
    • Cooking with a focus on postpartum nutrition and incorporating healing herbs
    • Education around child development and infant care.
    • Assistance with newborn care (diapering, swaddling, feeding, babywearing, bathing, soothing, etc.)
    • Infant massage 
    • Sibling care
    • Light housekeeping and errands
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    Rate: 40$/hr

    with need based sliding scale

    and discounted packages available

  • Client Testimonials

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    "We worked with Megan at the recommendation of our birth doula for postpartum support, and we are so grateful we were referred to her for care! Megan brought such a sense of warmth, respect, and nurturance to our early months of being a family of 4. Megan did all of the following and more: lending an ear and the warmth of reassurance as I processed some grief coming up; spending time with my older daughter and giving her love and attention in the tumult of postpartum adjustment; being a trusty wingwoman as I dealt with toddler tantrums and trying to put our little one to sleep; giving me a refresher on swaddling or other helpful suggestions on tricks for soothing my baby (still needed the second time around!); helping cook, clean, and fold laundry; and even coming over on a moment's notice to help me get a nap when mastitis hit, waking me up ever so thoughtfully with tea and fruit. Megan's care was so deeply felt by all of us, and it will be a gift for you to feel her care as well in the vulnerability of welcoming a new baby (and all the other changing family dynamics that come with this process). We remain grateful for this experience, Megan!"

    -Amanda Martin, postpartum client

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    "To the Partner of the Mother to be,

    Megan will be there for you in a way you could have never predicted. She was all we could have asked for in a birth doula, strong, warm, knowledgeable, and very, very present. If you are the Partner of the Mother-to-Be, Megan will be YOUR support as much as she will be the mother's. Her constant guidance and gentle hand will give you the sense of comfort you may not realize you need in the moment and she will help give you the strength to be the best birth partner you can be.


    Our baby came about a week early so we weren't totally prepared yet. Megan came to our house the morning my wife went into labor and coached her through early labor and gave me the time to gather our hospital checklist, and to gather my wits. She advised us through all the progressing stages of labor as they developed. She sat with my wife in the back seat of the car as she labored for the hour-long car ride down to the hospital while I focused on keeping the wheels on the road. I can't tell you how valuable this was for me. She was ready for anything we needed through such an unpredictable process. If you are looking for a doula or maybe you are still on the fence, just give her a call and get the conversation started. Once you meet her, the decision will be easy."


    - John - Oakland, CA - Father of the Babe

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    "As soon as we met Megan, we knew she would be the perfect addition to our little birth team. I felt comfortable with her immediately because of her warmth and her ability to genuinely connect with each member of our family. Her familiarity with the world of herbs as well as her herbal offerings, and our prenatal visits in general helped me to feel prepared and confident about my upcoming birth. Megan is knowledgeable, reliable, always a nurturing presence, and the right balance of comfort, humor, and skill. During the birth she helped to create and hold space around us in a way that allowed me to labor and birth in the exact way I needed to, holding a certain light and optimism that I could no longer hold when my labor got the most intense but that needed to be in the room. She went above and beyond for us from start to finish and we will be forever grateful to her for companioning us on the raw, unpredictable, magical, and sacred journey of bringing our son into the world!"


    - Therese, birthing person

  • Meet Meg

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    Meg Mauger, birth and postpartum doula


    Nurturer: Taking care of people and places has been my main drive since the start. I just so happened to do my first overnight with an infant when I was 13 years old. I studied environmental science in college to learn how to best care for the earth. I truly believe that assisting babies transitions into the world and caring for their parents in those first months/ years will magnify the love needed to heal this planet. That is what brings me to this work.


    Educator: I have assisted families in a variety of ways before reconnecting with the desire to help from the very beginning. I have taught children of all ages as a naturalist, garden science educator at a public Montessori school, nature adventure leader, and Waldorf assistant.


    Queer: I'm a queer cis-woman partnered to the most wonderful woman, who just so happens to also be named Megan. We look forward to exploring non nuclear family structures and creating community around our own little family in the future.


    Student: The study of anthropology ultimately led me to the world of birth work. I am a student of the natural world through studying and sitting with herbs and environmental activism. I am continuously devouring information related to birth, postpartum, and parenting. I look forward to learning from and with you.


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    Cornerstone Doula

    "Ethical practice. Community engagement. Critical thinking. Intersectional analysis. Leadership. Accountability. Client-centered care. Teamwork and collaboration. Interpersonal awareness. Supportive communication and active listening. Informed choice. Advocacy. Compassion. Cultural responsiveness. Evidence-based education. Birth & Reproductive justice frameworks. Anti-oppression. Self care. Self-reflection. Flexibility."

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    Pettaway Pursuit Foundation Community Doula

    Alongside my private practice, I work for the Pettaway Pursuit Foundation which provides doulas free of cost through Medicaid Insurance.

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    Herb Pharm Herbalism Program 2017

    With a strong love and competency for herbal medicine, I completed the Herb Pharm's apprenticeship program.

  • The Blog

    An interplay between plant medicine and birth work through story telling.

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    Thinking about FOOD today due to the fact that I just signed our household up for our very first CSA (community supported agriculture)!! I’ve always thought about how perfect CSA boxes can be for postpartum families. It’s a reoccurring box of fresh local veggies grown in a sustainable way (of...
    6 mai 2020 · babywearing,postpartumdoula,parenting,doulawork,phillydoula
    Teaching my clients how to wear their lil peanut on their bodies is one of my favorite postpartum doula to-dos. After modeling and practicing with a teddy bear and going for the grand finale of their real human baby, many of my clients have exclaimed along the likes of "Wow, now I can actually do...
    14 janvier 2020
    I came home from a meeting, put on my robe, got into bed, put my headphones in, put a somewhat emotional song on repeat, and sobbed. We have a president who denies climate change. We’re nearly starting a war in Iran. Australia is on fire. The list goes on. I’m grieving it all. There’s been some...
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