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On Babywearing

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One of my dear clients babywearing their baby for the first time!

Teaching my clients how to wear their lil peanut on their bodies is one of my favorite postpartum doula to-dos. After modeling and practicing with a teddy bear and going for the grand finale of their real human baby, many of my clients have exclaimed along the likes of "Wow, now I can actually do things!" The littlest things, such as a mile long piece of fabric and a set of directions, can feel immensely overwhelming in the freshly postpartum times. It's an honor to help folks navigate these learnings when the time is right. Of course their day to day lives have changed drastically, but I also want my clients to be able to Live their Lives and do the things that give them joy. This piece of fabric can be the ticket to cooking, walks in nature, dancing, imaginative play with your other kids, listening to a podcast, watering your plant babies, and more. How has babywearing benefited you and your life??

P.S. This was my last in person postpartum visit pre-pandameic. Wow I miss holding babies and seeing my families in person, but gosh darn I am trying my hardest to adapt and that's all we can do.

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